Scraper J20 - J25

JERK NEW EJECTOR SCRAPER CAPACITY 2/2.5 CUBIC METERS FOR 55/120 HP TRACTORS Unique of its kind, high technology construction.

Conceived by the specific use of restoration of the grounds with tree plantations, fruit fields, gardening and sports grounds. During the loading by LASER or GPS automation we can load keeping automatically a share of height; moreover thanks to the fall arrester front door, we can allow the transport of the ground also at a long-distance without loss of material. The unloading through the push back door allows a homogeneous distribution of the ground on the whole surface of the earth maintaining always a high level of soil. All the movements are hydraulic and they allow an optimal work in each condition and on any surface.

Technical specifications of J20

  • Power 55 HP
  • Overall width 1.60 m.
  • Length 1.48 m. blade
  • Length 4.00 m.
  • Body height 1.10 m
  • Capacity - volume 2 mc
  • Weight 1000 kg
  • Wheel type - No. wheels 11.80 / 16.3 No. 02

Technical specifications J25

  • Power 120 HP
  • Overall width 1.80 m.
  • Length 1.68 m. Blade
  • Length 4.00 m.
  • Body height 1.10 m.
  • Capacity - volume 2.50 mc
  • Weight 1100 kg
  • Wheel type - No. wheels 11.80 / 16.3 No. 02

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