Bin trolley with unloading conveyors controlled from the cab. Collecting belt sliding on metallic guides positioned either on the right side or the left side, or on both sides. Sliding PVC belt on stainless steel guides, managed by a 12V electric starting motor connected to the tractor battery. Control switch is operated by the driver checking while the bins are filled.

With road homologation.

Harvesting operation

The belt is hooked to the trolley on the front part. The loading operation begins and the belt slides toward the rear part; after the loading operation the belt is unhooked and placed on the floor. lt will be then mounted on another trolley, in order to avoid idle times and to ensure a continuous flow of work.

Technical specifications

  • Overall width 0,380 m.
  • Container length 0,500 m.
  • Tape length 6.00 m. / 7.00 m.
  • Extension length in iron 1.150 m.
  • Tape frame height 0,350 m.
  • Weight 130 kg

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